Madeira Polyneon Thread

Overview: Madeira Polyneon is a premium 100% polyester embroidery thread known for its strength, durability, and vibrant colors. It's designed for machine embroidery and offers excellent resistance to chlorine, making it perfect for uniforms, safety garments, and commercial linens.

Key Benefits:

  • Durability: Specially formulated to withstand high-stress situations, including chlorine bleach and frequent washing.
  • Color Brilliance: Offers glossy, shiny finishes with a vast range of vibrant colors.
  • Versatility: Suitable for almost any application, including sportswear, children's wear, and workwear.

Care Instructions:

  • Chlorine Resistance: Capable of withstanding treatments with active chlorine, making it ideal for items requiring frequent or heavy-duty laundering.
  • Washing Temperature: It's recommended to keep the water temperature at a maximum of 30°C (86°F) and limit the treatment time to 30 minutes to maintain thread integrity and color​.

Isacord Thread

Overview: Isacord is a 40wt polyester continuous thread, notable for its shine comparable to rayon embroidery threads, achieved through a special cross-section modified fiber. It is recognized for its high resistance to chlorine and abrasion, making it suitable for heavily treated textiles.

Key Benefits:

  • High Resistance: Offers robustness against chlorine washes and abrasion, ensuring longevity even in the most demanding environments like workwear, sportswear, and catering wear.
  • Brilliance and Function: Known for brilliant colors and excellent embroidery properties, making it a favorite for both fashion and corporate wear.

Care Instructions:

  • Chlorine and Stonewash: The thread is resilient to extreme treatments, including chlorine bleach and stonewashing, without compromising quality.
  • Thread Handling: Recommendations include using enclosed polynet-covering to prevent tangling, reducing needle thread tension, using needles with enlarged eyes for better performance, and adjusting machine speed according to the material and thread​ 

Choosing Between Polyneon and Isacord


  • Application: Consider the end use of the embroidered item. Polyneon's resilience to chlorine makes it exceptional for swimwear and uniforms, while Isacord's abrasion resistance is ideal for workwear and outdoor apparel.
  • Color Requirements: Both brands offer a wide color palette, but your choice might be influenced by specific shades or finishes unique to each brand.
  • Material: Assess the type of fabric being embroidered. Both threads are versatile, but certain materials may respond better to one thread type over the other based on the fabric's handling and care requirements.

Aftercare: Proper care extends the life of embroidered items. Follow specific washing instructions relevant to the thread type used, considering factors like temperature, chlorine exposure, and drying methods, to maintain the vibrant colors and integrity of the embroidery.