Direct to Film

Elevate Your Designs with Advanced DTF Printing in Woodbridge, Ontario

Toronto Embroidery, established in 2020 by Daniel Krisn, is renowned for setting industry standards in embroidery and screen printing. Building on our reputation for exceptional craftsmanship, we're thrilled to offer Direct to Film (DTF) printing services. Located at 51 Jevlan Dr, Unit 8, Woodbridge, Ontario, our facility is equipped to provide cutting-edge DTF printing solutions to a diverse clientele.

What is Direct to Film (DTF) Printing?

Direct to Film (DTF) printing is a revolutionary textile printing method that allows for vibrant, durable designs on a wide variety of fabrics. Unlike traditional printing techniques that require direct application to the material, DTF prints a design onto a special film that is then transferred to the fabric using an adhesive and heat process.

The DTF Printing Process:

  1. Design Preparation: Each project begins with your custom design, digitally prepared for the DTF process to ensure high resolution and color accuracy.
  2. Printing on Film: The design is printed onto a clear film using specialized DTF inks.
  3. Powder Application: A fine, adhesive powder is evenly applied to the wet ink on the film. This powder is crucial for the transfer process.
  4. Curing the Print: The film passes through a heat tunnel, melting the powder and curing the ink.
  5. Transfer to Fabric: The film is then placed onto the fabric, and under heat and pressure, the design is permanently transferred from the film to the material.
  6. Final Curing: A final pass through a heat press ensures the design is fully set and wash-resistant.

Why Choose Toronto Embroidery for Your DTF Printing Needs?

  • Versatility: DTF printing is suitable for a vast range of textiles, offering incredible flexibility for your designs.
  • Durability: Our DTF prints are resistant to washing, fading, and cracking, ensuring your designs last as long as the fabric itself.
  • Vivid Colors: DTF technology produces bright, vibrant colors, even on dark fabrics, without the need for pre-treatment.
  • Eco-Friendly Options: We're committed to sustainability, offering eco-friendly ink options for environmentally conscious projects.

Serving Every Client with Excellence From fashion lines and corporate branding to personalized gifts and promotional items, Toronto Embroidery's DTF printing service caters to all. Our dedication to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction drives us to deliver superior results on every project.

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Get Started with DTF Printing at Toronto Embroidery Ready to explore the possibilities of DTF printing? Visit our Woodbridge facility or contact us today to begin your project. Our team of experts is eager to apply their skills and the latest technology to bring your vision to life. Experience the difference at Toronto Embroidery, where innovation meets craftsmanship.