How our Pricing works

Stitch Count: The number of stitches in a design is one of the primary factors that dictate the cost of embroidery. More stitches require more time and resources, which translates into higher prices. As a result, designs with a higher stitch count are generally more expensive than those with fewer stitches.

Digitizing Fee: Before embroidery can begin, the design must be converted into a format that the embroidery machine can read. This process, known as digitizing, involves creating a digital file that outlines the stitches and colors for the design. Digitizing fees are often charged on a per-design basis and can vary depending on the complexity and stitch count of the artwork.

Garment Type and Quality: The type and quality of the garment being embroidered also affect the overall cost. High-quality apparel, such as premium shirts or jackets, will increase the price due to their higher base cost. Additionally, some materials may require specialized techniques or handling, which can also impact pricing.

Number of Colors: While not as significant a factor as stitch count, the number of colors used in a design can influence the cost of embroidery. Changing thread colors during the embroidery process can be time-consuming, and more colors may require additional setup and labor, resulting in a higher price.

Complexity and Special Techniques: Designs that incorporate intricate details or require special embroidery techniques, such as 3D puff embroidery or metallic threads, will typically incur additional charges. These techniques demand more time and expertise, and the materials used can also be more expensive than standard threads.

Turnaround Time: The speed at which a project needs to be completed can also impact the cost of embroidery services. Rush orders often come with a premium price due to the need for expedited processing and potential overtime for the embroidery staff.

Quantity: Finally, the number of items in an order plays a role in determining the price per piece. Many embroidery businesses offer bulk discounts, meaning that the cost per item decreases as the quantity increases. This pricing structure incentivizes larger orders and helps to offset the fixed costs associated with setting up the embroidery machines.


Please follow this link to find a chart that helps with estimating stitch count based on coverage and square inches:  Stitch Count Estimation Graph

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