Embroidery Machine Repair & Maintenance:

Embroidery machines are complex pieces of equipment that require regular maintenance and occasional repairs to ensure optimal performance. This page outlines the various services we provide to keep your embroidery machines in top condition.

General Service and Preventive Maintenance:

  • Needle Bar Depth and Height Adjustment: Ensuring the needle bar is at the correct depth and height is crucial for precise embroidery work​1​.
  • Rotary Hook Cleaning and Timing: We remove, clean, and de-burr rotary hooks, then re-install and reset hook timing to ensure smooth operation. New hooks will be installed if necessary​1​.
  • Trimmer Mechanism Check: Trimmer mechanisms are checked and reset to factory specifications, with new trimmer parts installed if needed​1​.
  • Panograph Smooth Operation Check: Ensuring the panograph operates smoothly for accurate embroidery designs​2​.
  • Machine Re-lubrication: Regular greasing and re-lubrication per factory specifications to ensure longevity and smooth operation​2​.
  • Test Sewing: Post-maintenance test sewing to ensure the machine operates correctly​2​.
  • Software Version Check and Updates: Keeping the machine’s software up-to-date to benefit from the latest features and improvements​2​.

Specific Repairs:

  • Hook Timing: Adjusting the hook timing is crucial for accurate stitch formation. We set the hook timing to ensure the needle and rotary hook interact at the correct point in the machine's rotation​3​​4​.
  • Needle Replacement: Replacing bent or damaged needles to ensure smooth, consistent embroidery stitches​5​.
  • Presser Foot Alignment: Proper alignment of the presser foot to ensure even stitching and prevent fabric puckering​6​.

Part Replacements: We provide genuine replacement parts to ensure reliability and performance:

  • Rotary hooks, reciprocators, trimmer parts, belts, motors, knife sets, gears, and many more​7​.

Balancing: Balancing the machine to ensure an excellent balance between performance features and affordability, delivering consistent results every time​8​.

Final Testing: Post-repair and maintenance testing to ensure the machine operates as expected, including fixing timing, tensions, and binding issues​9​.

With our comprehensive repair and maintenance services, you can ensure your embroidery machine continues to provide the high-quality, precise embroidery work you require. Contact us today to schedule your embroidery machine service appointment.


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